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Creative Industries We Serve

Third Rail Cash Management provides services on part-time and project bases. Our service approach is agile, adaptable, and tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Our business and financial management services include:

  • Keep day-to-day records, pay bills, collect income, and monitor profitability.

  • Prepare tax-ready financial reporting statements to use as a tool to run your business.

  • Maintain and provide meaningful, simplified, and organized financial records.

  • Analyze and summarize your numbers into digestible, understandable language that will drive your decisions.

  • Plan strategically to optimize cash flow.

  • Serve as your direct liaison with other advisors, vendors, and third parties.

  • Source, vet, assemble, and manage a targeted team of service professionals on your behalf.

  • Work as a virtual CFO.


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